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Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding (Customs brokerage) is a mandatory process of treating documentation that accompanies the goods in international transport, import or export, both for legal entities and for natural persons and crafts.

Depending on the need, the forwarding services we offer are: 

- Import customs clearance of goods,

- Export customs clearance of goods, 

- Re-export of goods, 

- Temporary import and export of goods,

- Internal processing of goods.

Based on the existing documentation (Proforma Invoice or Invoice of Goods), we perform a preliminary calculation of customs duties (VAT and duties) immediately before the very process of importing goods, thus enabling the clients to accurately calculate the costs that will arise upon customs clearance of goods. The preliminary calculation of duties also includes suggestions related to the entire supporting documentation, and especially to the preferential status of goods, that is, possible savings on the basis of import duty. 

The binding element of every invoice in international trade is the Incoterms purchasing parity of goods, where on the occasion of purchasing goods all obligations of the seller and buyer of goods are defined through abbreviations (EXW, DAP, DDP, DAT, DDU, DDP, FOB, CFR).

For example: DAP Sarajevo – Delivered at Place is an abbreviation that, in international trade, defines the obligations of the seller of goods (costs of export customs clearance, loading, transport of goods from the address of the seller of goods to the address of the buyer of goods in Sarajevo, and insurance of goods in transport), as well as the obligations of the buyer of goods (costs of import customs clearance, possible inspections of goods, customs duties and unloading of goods).

For the successful realization of freight forwarding services, we use the valid customs tariff, ASYCUDA software and bank guarantees for each type of goods, fully representing clients at all customs offices in BiH (Sarajevo, Aerodrom/Airport, Bijača, Izačić, Bosanska Gradiška, Bosanski Brod, Bosanski Šamac, Orašje, Brčko, Rača, Zvornik, Vardište, Metaljka, Hum, Deleuša, Klobuk, Ivanica).