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International Transport of Goods

International transport of goods is the transport connection of the place where the goods are located with the place where we want the goods to be.

Functionally, the international transport of goods is an indispensable part of international trade, where the transported goods are always accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.

In order for the goods to arrive from the place of production to the desired place in their original quality and quantity and in the shortest time possible, we use one or more modes of transport in combination (road, rail, sea and air transport).

We organize international transport of goods at the request of the client as: 

- Groupage transport;

- Full load; 

- Over size transport; 

- Container transport; 

- Transport of dangerous materials (ADR);

- Frigo transport (reefer transport).

We offer the unique transport service of an international transport organization that provides more than client expectations.