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Moving (Relocations)

When changing the location of a temporary/permanent place of residence of natural persons as well as the location of business or archival documents of legal entities (companies), there is a need for the service of transport of the moving items.

The organization of moving includes, in addition to transport, all accompanying activities such as:

- Providing an appropriate vehicle according to the type and quantity of items, according to the location where items are located and the location where items need to be moved;

- Providing adequate packaging for the items subject to moving;

- Adequate packaging and protection of sensitive personal valuables to prevent damage;

- Handling the moving items (loading-unloading);

- Arranging and lashing items on the vehicle;

- Preparation of all necessary documentation for customs procedures in case of moving from one country to another;

All of the above processes require optimal planned preparation and organization in order to meet all defined time limits of the moving. In the course of moving, all goods are insured in transport.