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Container Transport

We offer container transport as a service for goods that require optimal organization of multimodal transport (more than one mode of transport road + sea or rail + sea).

Multifunctional features of the container as a transport receptacle that is waterproof, with metal armour, enables us to organize the safe transport of goods, both the groupage container transport and the full container loads.

The accessibility of the Adriatic ports, favourable prices of maritime transport and good road connectivity - railways with ports, allow for minimal transport costs in both import and export of goods.

In addition to the organization of transport in standard 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers, we are able to offer the organization of transport of goods in: 

- Frigo containers (which have the refrigeration units), 

- Open-top containers with an open top,

- Flat-rack for over size goods.

We also offer the organization of loading and unloading handling of goods in and out of the container, adequate lashing of cargo in the container, as well as all port operations and the preparation of supporting documentation at ports (Ploče, Split, Rijeka, Bar, Koper).